Past Awesome Associates 


March 2015: Terry Pate (Columbus Location)

Harvey Awesome Associate, March. 2015--Terry Pate

Congratulations to Terry Pate, Harvey's Awesome Associate for the month of March! Terry has been working as a CDL Driver for the Columbus location for over a year and a half. As a CDL Driver, a part of his job is to make sure customers are happy with their experience at Harvey and he does a great job at this. His favorite part of the workday is meeting and interacting with new customers. Terry's co-workers identify him as being extremely generous with his time and always willing to give a helping hand.

When Terry isn't working, he enjoys spending his time feeding and helping the homeless population of Columbus.

Terry, we want to thank you for your hard work and determination as well as your kind heart. Your work here at Harvey definitely doesn't go unnoticed!




February 2015 - Ronnie Johnson

Harvey Feb. Awesome Associate--Ronnie Johnson

Congratulations to Ronnie Johnson, Harvey's Awesome Associate for the month of February. Ronnie works as a CDL Driver and has been with the company for over 17 years! Ronnie has had a great driving record during those many years. His co-workers say that he is known for his timeliness and is an extremely hard worker--two qualities which make for an incredible CDL Driver!

When Ronnie isn't working, he enjoys spending his time with his family and friends.

Thank you Ronnie for everything you do for everyone at Harvey!



January 2015 - David Young (Phenix City Location)

Harvey January Awesome Associate 2015--David Young

Congratulations to David Young, Harvey's Awesome Associate for the month of January. David is the Phenix City store Manager and has been with Harvey for over 37 years! David is responsible for ordering stock for the various Harvey locations. His favorite part of the day is when he gets to assist and help customers with all of their hardware needs. David's co-workers say that he is extremely dependable, reliable, and easy to communicate with.

David likes to spend his time outside of the workplace golfing and attending Georgia Bulldogs football games. He also enjoys spending as much time as possible with his two grown daughters.

Thank you, David, for your 37 years of hard-work and service to Harvey! It definitely doesn't go unnoticed!




December 2014 - Jeff Waters (Columbus Location)

Harvey Dec. 2014 Awesome Associate--Jeff WatersCongratulations to Jeff Waters, Harvey's Awesome Associate for the month of December. Jeff is a Shop Manager at the Columbus location. Jeff's favorite part of his workday is when he gets to interact and meet with the customers. He is known around the Harvey community for his positive attitude regardless of the situation. He is willing to help out others even if he isn't as well versed in their specific department.

When Jeff isn't at work, he loves spending time with his family. He has two girls, ages 16 and 11, and has been married to his wife for 21 years. He also enjoys playing golf and going to Alabama football games with his buddies.

Thank you, Jeff, for all the hard-work you do for Harvey--it definitely doesn't go unnoticed!





November 2014 - Allen Alexander (Columbus Location)

Harvey Awesome Associate, Allen Alexander--Nov. 2014Congratulations to Allen Alexander, the Harvey Awesome Associate for the month of November. Allen is responsible for building material sales. Specifically, Allen sells special order items such as windows and doors and is involved in purchase ordering and receiving. His favorite part of the workday is when he checks the sales numbers and they look positive, which happens very often with Allen on the job! His co-workers say that he is a very hard-working individual who always is productive.

When Allen isn't working, he loves to spend time visiting friends and family, but he also enjoys watching The Walking Dead. Allen's happy place is at home relaxing on his deck with his wife, while the kids play in the backyard.

Thank you Allen for all you do!





October 2014 - Joe Davis (Columbus Location)

Harvey Awesome Associate, Joe Davis--October 2014

Congratulations to Joe Davis, Harvey's Awesome Associate for the month of October. Joe is a Yard Associate and has been with the company for over nine years at the Columbus, Georgia location. Joe is a fork lift driver and prides himself on his safety. His favorite part of the work day is the entire day: just being about to come into work each day and do his job to the best of his ability. Joe's co-workers acknowledge him as an extremely hard-working individual.

When Joe's not working, he loves to spend his time with family and close friends. Joe sees himself as a very family oriented person.

Thank you, Joe, for your perseverance and all you do for Harvey's!





September 2014 - Jeff Heath  (Columbus Location)

Harvey Awesome Associate: Sept. 2014, Jeff HeathCongratulations to Jeff Heath, Harvey's Awesome Associate for the month of September. Jeff is the Assistant Store Manager and has been with the company for 10 years! He is an outstanding employee with an incredible attitude. He is always willing to do the extra thing or go the extra mile for the company.

Customers and coworkers recognize Jeff as the "go to guy" for just about everything at the store. His hard work and consistency have helped Harvey’s Home & Hardware continue to be a great store!

Outside work, Jeff enjoys target shooting, skeet shooting and working in the yard at home.

Thanks, Jeff, for all you do!




August 2014 - Jan McGowan (Columbus Location)

Harvey August Awesome Associate: Jan McGowan

Congratulations to Jan McGowan, Harvey's Awesome Associate for the month of August. Jan works at the Columbus location and has been with the company for 24 years! She started working temporarily in admin but worked her way up to assistant buyer. She is incredibly helpful to everyone on the team and has great relationships with customers. In addition to her customers, she enjoys the Harvey's team and her morning drive to work with her coworker, who is "like family," she says.

Outside of work Jan enjoys projects at home, travel, and spending time with family.

Thank you, Jan, for your loyalty and all you do at Harvey's!




July 2014 - Jimmy Brooks  (Columbus Location)

Jimmy Brooks--Harvey Awesome Associate for July 2014Congratulations to Jimmy Brooks, Harvey's Awesome Associate for the month of July. Jimmy works as a receiving supervisor and has been with the company for over twelve years. As a receiving supervisor Jimmy is in charge of inspecting every shipment that comes to Harvey to verify that it is in good condition before entering it into stock. Jimmy loves the satisfaction that comes with helping customers find what they need.

His extensive knowledge of the yard and the materials makes him an incredible asset to the team, and his positive attitude stands out. He demonstrates a willingness to be of service to anyone who needs it.

Outside of work Jimmy enjoys being with his family. As the father of five, the majority of his time is shared with them. He also enjoys grilling and cooking.

Thank you, Jimmy, for your positive attitude and all you do!




June 2014 - Carlos Hinton (Phenix Location)

Carlos Hinton--Harvey Awesome Associate June 2014Congratulations to Carlos Hinton, Harvey's Awesome Associate for the month of June. Carlos is a CDL driver and has been with the company for four and a half years. He drives for the Phenix City, AL location and handles all the deliveries, ensuring all products make it to the correct locations undamaged and on time. His customer service is always outstanding! Carlos enjoys communicating with customers and making sure they are satisfied. In addition to having a great, easy going attitude, Carlos is a very hard worker and gets along with everyone.

Outside of work Carlos spends time with his family and grills. He enjoys the outdoors and travelling to wrestling events.

Thank you, Carlos, for all you do!



May 2014 - Clarence Young (Columbus Location)

Clarence Young--May 2014 Harvey Awesome Associate

Supervisor for Shipping, Receiving and Platform

Clarence Young has been with the company for 44 years! He started in 1972 while he was still in school, as part of an early release work program. He has seen Harvey's through many changes. "Back then everything was geared toward contractor trade, and people were very loyal about who they did business with."

He enjoys dispatching the trucks, and the challenges that come with making sure customers get their orders complete and on time. Employees say his best attribute is his honesty. No matter what you ask him, he will be completely honest with ya.

Outside of work Clarence is active in his church and with mission trips. He enjoys outdoors, hunting and fishing, as well as his early mornings before coming in which allow him to prepare for the day.

Thank you Clarence, for all that you do!




April 2014 - Rod Alexander (Columbus Location)

Harvey Awesome Associate for April 2014: Rod AlexanderCongratulations to our Awesome Associate for the month of April, Roderick "Rod" Alexander. Rod is a Materials Loader out in our yard at our Columbus location and has been with us for three years. He's always willing to go the extra mile to help a customer with their next project and does it with a smile! Odds are, if you've been out in our yard before, you've run across Rod one way or another.

When asked why he enjoys working at Harvey his response was simple, "I enjoy the customers and the friendly atmosphere here at Harvey." Outside of work he enjoys spending time barbequing with his family, including his two sons and newborn daughter.

Thank you Rod, for all that you do!





 February 2014 - Dale Castile (Columbus Location)

Dale Castile -  Feb. '14 Harvey Awesome Associate

Congratulations to our February Awesome Associate, Dale Castile! Dale has been with us for 11 years, and has proven to be an extremely valuable part of the Harvey team. While Dale doesn't have a specific title per say, he tells us that he's had just about every title you can think of while with Harvey. Currently he works in the commercial door and hardware department, quoting out specialty projects, bringing in new product lines, working hands-on with contractors and everything else you can imagine when it comes to renovating a commercial building. He tells us he's been very busy as of late, but wouldn't have it any other way, "it's always better to have too much work, than not enough!"

Away from Harvey's, he likes spending time playing guitar and golfing. Dale's been playing guitar for a little over 37 years now, and has been playing in his church for almost 10 of those years. While guitar has always been his favorite hobby, he said he'd much rather be playing golf with his brother (and beating him of course). He's been married to his wonderful wife for 25 years, and couldn't see himself with anyone else.

Thank you Dale, for all that you do!


January 2014 - Allen Alexander (Columbus Location)

Allen Alexander -  Jan. '14 Harvey Awesome AssociateCongratulations to Allen Alexander, our first Awesome Associate of the New Year! Allen is a Hardware Sales Associate at our Columbus location, and has been with us for 10 years! He credits the customers and family-like atmosphere for his long tenure at Harvey. "It's a great company to work for, and even outside of work they're always there for you if you need it." We're glad you've chosen to be a part of the Harvey family Allen! 

Outside of work, he likes to spend time with his two boys, ages 12 and 7. Some of their favorite things to do are spending time at the park feeding the ducks and geese, going to movies, and taking their yearly vacation to Florida for some warm weather fun!

Thank you Allen, for all that you do!